7 Reasons why you should come to Spain for hunting

18 noviembre, 2014 • Información de interés

Spain is one of the great countries worldwide where hunting is a great experience. With almost two million hunters, we have one of the biggest hunting community in the world.

From North to South, from East to West, most of the rural areas of the country have a economy based on hunting and therefore, they take good care of the hunters.

If you are thinking about going abroad on hunting trip, we leave you here 7 reasons why you should consider coming to Spain:

  1. Unique offering La Montería: Spain is the only country where you can have the “Monteria”. The “Monteria” is a hunting experience, where the hunters are placed in strategic points while the dogs carry the game towards them. “Monteria” is tradition and starts with a great breakfast, gathering all the hunters around a delicious meal. After the draft, the hunters are sent to their posts and the dogs start from one side of the hunting area, chasing the game. After a few hours of excitement and fun, the hunters go back to their meeting point where they share a great meal while see the trophies.Spanish Monteria
  2. Unique offering The Iberian Ibex: there are four subspecies of the Iberian Ibex: Iberian Ibex at Gredos, Iberian Ibex at Tortosa-Beceite, Iberian Ibex at Ronda, and Iberian Ibex at Sierra Nevada. Each of them are different, providing the hunter with 4 great experiences. It could be considered a hunting in High Mountains, we do not have great heights though.beceite_ibex
  3. Spanish hospitality: people in Spain are quite nice and make everybody feel welcomed in the country. They understand that it is not only about the hunting but the whole experience since you arrive to the airport. Always willing to help and solve any problems you might have. They take care of all the paper working, the permits, license and everything else. Planning your stay with tourist visits or night live.
  4. Competitive prices: the recession in Spain has had a tremendous impact in prices. To become more competitive, many Spanish organizations have decreased the final price of their offer, making the country a very attractive to foreigners. Furthermore, the euro is depreciating against the dollar, making it even more interesting.
  5. Diversity: from small to big game, there are a great variety of hunting species in Spain; partridge, rabbit, quail, hare, duck, wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer, arrui, Spanish Ibex and big deer among others.
  6. Short distances: arriving at Madrid, you are only a few hours from any hunting place in Spain. Safe roads, high speed trains and local flights available at affordable prices. It can give you almost two more hunting days(the arrival and departure days).
  7. Cultural experience: Spanish culture is very broad and extensive. We have flamenco and bullfighting plus much more. Each region has its own dances, gastronomy and traditions. Depending on the time of the year and the community you visit, you would have the opportunity to experience something great and different. Even if you only want to taste a little bit of our night life, you would see how different is from your country.

Hunting in Spain is really a unique experience and not only for the trophies you can get but also for the complete package you get: hunting days, tourism, gastronomy, night life and Spanish people warmth.

Hunting is embedded in the Spanish culture providing wealth to many territories. For that reason, we have an excellent industry and many companies which are used to provide great experiences to foreign hunters.

After reading this 7 reasons, if you would like to know more about hunting in Spain, we will be delightful to help you. You can leave a comment on this post or write to info @ cazaworld.com for more information.

We can help you choose your outfitter and even provide you with anything you need for your hunt at our store.

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  1. Jason Martin dice:

    Great information. I am looking for a good outfitter in Spain. Anyone you recommend?

  2. Erik Tulemans dice:

    Is it Janaury a good month for hunting in Gredos?

  3. Frank Johanssen dice:

    I am thinking about visiting Spain next year, checking some guys for Monteria. Interesting information.

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